My Story

Years ago, my wife and I took a pottery lesson, and with a little help I crafted the world’s worst looking cup. We had an absolute blast.


About halfway through our session, our wonderful instructor (the owner) made a comment that would change my life forever. With clear emotion, she said “You know, you two are my very last customers. After today we’re shutting down because the shop just isn’t making enough money for us to keep going.”


And they did. I was never able to pick up our finished cups, because they closed down and we were unable to reconnect with the owner.


I was angry. Not because we lost our cups (though my wife was not happy with me about it), but because this incredible woman had spent years pouring her heart and soul into building a business that truly blessed her community, and yet was unable to continue operating due to financial distress.


I don’t know the exact details of this woman’s situation, but I know there are millions of others just like her. I know there are men and women struggling to stay afloat, doing what they love, because of financial challenges.


From that day on, I decided to do something. I recently left my job to pursue a full-time MBA, and my goal is to leverage the time, experience, and passion I’ve been given for business to help entrepreneurs, small business owners, and freelancers succeed and grow.


B.S. Engineering, Texas A&M, 2017

Sales, Engineering, Production Planning, and Product Development, 4 Years (2017-2021)

Director, Student Consulting Organization, 2021 - Present

Masters of Business Administration, Texas A&M University, 2022 (Expected)