Want college students to love you and your company?

Here's how I can make it happen! 

Freakin' Fantastic Blog Posts:

Here's how I can blog for ya: 

  1. One blog post per week of any length (minimum commitment of 2 months): $.13/word
  2. One time post of any length: $.15/word 

For long term work, I like to be given several topic ideas up front (don't worry, I'll make them awesome). After getting more familiar with your site, I'm happy to develop my own ideas together with yours.

If you dig my chili and want me to write for you more than just once a week, I like you; let me know and we can make it happen. 

*BONUS*: I'll share EVERY SINGLE POST on my personal social media!

Brain Blowing Articles: 

I'll invent some mind-bendingly fantastic articles for your website, magazine, newsletter, flyer, bumper sticker, or whatever else you use to tell college students about who you are and what you do. Have you been struggling to get those bums to read your stuff thus far? Let me at the stinking keyboard, we'll see about that.

I write articles at a flat rate of $.15/word - you tell me how many words! I can write anything off this cool little list for you:

  1. Website copy (home page, about page, descriptions, etc.)
  2. Magazine articles
  3. Email newsletters
  4. Flyers (I'll work my hardest to make sure they don't end up in the trash like most flyers do!)

*EXTRA AWESOME AGGIE BONUS*: If you're an Aggie or operating in Aggieland, I offer a $.02 discount on each of my per word rates! Doesn't sound like much, but that would slap a single 500 word article from $75 down to $65. Gig'em.

Want me in your life?